The N3A is in development of a grass roots effort of developing a health plan for members. This effort will take on a different approach then past models. This grass roots initiative will build a program based on members needs, collectively. Taking this approach will allow members to become an advocate of their health plan. The N3A has started a due diligence investigation on some of the more obvious desires and needs of members.

Some, but not all are listed, in random order:

    Action Items
  • See claims experience, in near real time, regardless of participation level
  • Have access to a nationally known network, such as blue cross and/or Cigna
  • Allow our group collectively to decide what needs to be covered and what not
  • How excess premium get utilized when not spent by employees
  • Better control of employee health and individual responsibility

Like all other N3A programs and benefits, our initial desire is to bring 100% transparency to members. Our current investigation on this new health plan has passed all our tests.

To listen to the Grass Roots effort to form a Captive for health insurance, please dial in and enter the following access code.

Dial - (641) 715-3420

Enter Access Code - 139860#

Organizational Commitee Documents




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